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Counselor's Corner


Welcome to our Counselor’s Corner!

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                                               Talk to your school counselor about it!

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                                        Suicide prevention


Mrs. Herrera & Mrs. Ramon are happy to serve our students, parents & community!

                            Counseling Center Hours: Monday – Friday 7:45 A.M.- 4 P.M.

                             Phone Number: 473-7009



                             L. Herrera-

                             7th Grade & 8th grade (A-L)



                              N. Ramon-

                              6th grade & 8th grade (m-Z)





We also have available our Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor,

Mr. Hector Gutierrez to service our students. 

            Contact info: 473-5467


                Mr. H. Gutierrez, LCDC               cap & gown


Need help with tests? Click on the link below to access test taking tips!

Counseling Resources:


  Social Emotional Learning Lessons:

Week of February 14-18: G R A T I T U D E

Week of February 21-25: K I N D N E S S 






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United South Four Year Plan

Suicide Resources