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United Independent School District Library
Mission Statement

The mission of the United Independent School District (UISD) libraries is to empower students to thrive as informed, critical thinkers and ethical digital citizens in an ever-evolving global society. Through collaboration, leadership, and the integration of technology, we cultivate an inclusive and dynamic learning environment that fosters information literacy across diverse formats.

Aligned with the latest educational standards, UISD libraries are committed to providing equitable access to resources that reflect the cultural, linguistic, and intellectual diversity of our community. We strive to nurture a love of reading, spark creativity, and inspire lifelong learning among our students.

Our libraries serve as catalysts for academic achievement, enabling students to reach their full potential and actively engage with complex ideas and perspectives. By supporting the school curriculum and embracing innovative pedagogical approaches, we empower learners to produce original scholarship and effectively communicate their ideas.

At UISD libraries, we champion intellectual freedom and encourage critical inquiry by offering a wide range of viewpoints and perspectives. By fostering a culture of collaboration and respect, we aim to cultivate a community of learners who are empowered to navigate the complexities of our interconnected world with curiosity, empathy, and resilience.


UISD libraries champion intellectual freedom, promote diversity of thought, and encourage critical inquiry. We provide students with opportunities to explore a wide range of viewpoints and perspectives, fostering a culture of dialogue, empathy, and respect.





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All online resources can be accessed through Destiny in MackinVia.

MackinVia resources can be accessed with your UISD Google login credentials.

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