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Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies Class

Classroom Procedures and Expectations

1. Entering the Classroom:  Sit at your assigned desks, distribute materials needed, and begin Bell Ringer work (Word of the Day, Question of the Day, Visuals).  Do not wait for teacher's directive to begin Bell Ringer work.  You only have five (5) minutes to complete the activity.

2. Restroom Logs: This log is very important for safety and documentation purposes.  Make sure you sign out and take the pass when you leave the room and sign in when you return.  No hall/restroom/water pass until 10 minutes after the tardy bell.

3. Absence: If you were absent for 1 day then you have 1 day to make up the work. Every day after that will result in a deduction of ten (10) points per day.  There should be no excuses for turning in late work.  

4. Interactive Journal: Your interactive journal is needed at all times and will be kept in the classroom.  This is where you will keep your assignments/notes, maps/charts, handouts, vocabulary, and Social Studies booklets.

5. Class Participation: Class participation is extremely important in this class.  EVERYONE will participate in the daily discussions.  Remember: EVERYONE's OPINION IS VALUED IN MY CLASS; therefore I will NOT tolerate any rude interruptions, comments, or side chatting from anybody.

6. Noise Control: I will be raising my hand in order to get your attention.  This will mean that I need your attention to continue the lesson, or that the noise level is too loud.

7. Use of Supplies: UISD Supply List calls for specific supplies for school.  Our class supply list is below.  Some of these items are to be kept with you at all times until needed.

8. Food or Drinks: Not allowed in my classroom at any time.

9. Teacher Not in Classroom: I expect this class to run as efficiently as if I were here.  On those days, one of the sheets in your assignment will count as a Quiz.  I will tell you which one when I return.

10. Personal Electronics: Personal electronics, including headphones/earplugs, are NOT allowed in the classroom at any time. If you use any of these electronics in class, they will be confiscated immediately, written up in student referral form and turned over to administration.  Your parents will need to pay for and pick them up the next school day.

11. End of Class: Turn in all assignments.  Clean up materials and desks.  The bell doesn't dismiss you, I do.  Remain in your seats until I do so.

12. Dress Code: Follow all District Code of Conduct. No jeans, no colored denim, no dark undergarments under white tops, or short tops, no steel-toe boots, no short skirts (only 2" above knee).

13. Classroom iPads/Desktop Computers: Student must follow all District rules and procedures for the use of technology. Any student not following rules at any time will not be allowed to use the technology equipment for the remainder of the year.

*An iPad contract must be signed by student and parent and turned in to teacher to use the iPad.


Materials Needed for 6th Grade Social Studies Class:

•Composition Notebook (to be kept in classroom)


•Wide Ruled paper •Pens and pencils

•glue stick

•box of Markers

•box Colored pencils


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